Permanent makeup is also known by various names like intradermal pigmentation, microblading it is a method of applying natural pigments inside the dermal layer of human skin. This makeup technique is completely safe and proven. It is used for various cosmetic enhancements like eyeliner, permanent eyebrows, lip liner or lip color. Some other permanent makeup procedures include scar, vitiligo, areola restoration, hairline enhancement and many more. This method is also utilized to cover up birthmarks, stretch marks, unwanted spots or freckles spots. Various permanent makeup accessories are used in the procedure to give the look you requested.

So many people have doubts about permanent makeup procedure, so we will explain some things that you should know about permanent makeup before going under this procedure.

Is it painful?

A common doubt or can say misconception of people that if they undergo this makeup procedure is very painful. Look, everyone has a different pain threshold, however the majority of people who have had this procedure done said that there was very little pain or can say no pain felt during the complete procedure. Before starting the process, a numbing cream will be gently applied on you’re skin to relieve any pain you might experience.
Truth be told, as its a tattoo so of course, you may feel little pain but if you are having a tattoo on the sensitive parts, all professionals will use an anesthetic to reduce the pain.

Will permanent cosmetics fade?

Yes, after some time a permanent makeup too need a touch-up. The time when you need a touchup is depended on you’re skin type, lifestyle, health, and how well you follow the aftercare instructions.

The following treatments are recommended for touch-ups:

• Permanent Eyeliner: 2-5 years
• Permanent Brows 2 years
• Permanent Lips: 2-5 years

Does age matter?

No! Age doesn’t matter. You can have procedure done at any age. According to law, only people under age 18 are not allowed for this procedure. But as the skin become sensitive as you grow old so only some precautions are needed if you are doing this makeup procedure after the age of 50.

What to expect after permanent makeup

After you’re permanent makeup procedure, you may get swelling in the area of you have opted for this procedure like lips and brows. Swelling and reaction depend on the skin of the client: some experience more swelling whereas some doesn’t get swelling even after the treatment. You may feel itchy but as the time passes you’re skin will not experience any pain or reaction. If you still feel any infection or problem than you can consult with the technician or dermatologist about it.

Research is important

Move around and make sure that the professional artist you have chosen for you’re makeup procedure has been professionally trained to the standards and does excellent work that you can love and trust. Do not feel hesitate while asking for the portfolio as through this you can see the previous work of the artist and also get the idea of the variety of brows of how creative and flexible they are.

If you feel discomfort, leave

If you don’t feel comfortable with the artist or the services that they offer, you can leave. They’re is no point to take the risk as it is the permanent makeup process which means once you get it done and if you are not satisfied with the result you will not be able to anything for months.

Are there any restrictions to having these procedures?

Yes, there can be some medical issues that may prevent permanent makeup technicians from working on you:

1. If you are a diabetic patient than it is recommended to not go under this makeup procedure, because it takes more healing time then as usual.
2. Patients with glaucoma cannot go under the eyeliner procedure.
3. If you are consuming fish oil, than you have to be off from it for 2 or 3 weeks prior.
4. If you use any eyelash enhancer products than leave it 2 months prior of permanent makeup procedure.
5. If you are expecting a child than you are not advised to get a tattoo.

Cost of permanent makeup

The cost of this makeup procedure is often related to the skills of the technician as well as the quality of service offered. You can pay more if the procedure is done by a professional technician and if it done in a salon. You can find the best technicians online as so many technicians have listed there services and pricing online where you can hire the best technician for you’re permanent makeup or micro blading procedure.

Risks associated with Microblading/permanent makeup

Risks associated with this makeup treatment are almost same as for tattoos on parts of the body. A person can suffer from minor bleeding during the procedure and be bruising, swelling is common. If the technician has used poorly sterilized pieces of equipment that can lead to allergies and infections. Other common risks associated with the procedure are scars around the area you have tattooed.

Benefits associated with permanent makeup

On the other hand, the benefits associated with permanent makeup are obvious. Let start with the time…This is the most evident benefit of getting permanent makeup. Busy peoples can save several minutes out of there morning make up routine each day. But there are also those who hate to remove make up! So you never have to worry about it any more — permanent makeup solves this part too. It won’t smudge or fade, or come off after washing.
Let’s see other reasons for someone to get permanent makeup.
People with impaired motor skills or physical disabilities or people with poor eyesight who have difficult to apply makeup themselves, may want to invest in permanent makeup too. What a wonderful solution! With permanent makeup, they no need to worry about whether they’ve applied or removed it properly.
Next. Undergoing reconstructive surgery of the face or breasts, permanent makeup helps to restore lost skin pigment. Lip scars can be geniously hide under proper pigmentation of Permanent make up procedure. The hair loss conditions often leads to lose the eyebrows where is permanent eyebrow tattoos is the best solution.

Overall, permanent makeup treatment is a procedure that is used to create or improve you’re look. After the procedure, you can buy permanent makeup aftercare products which are very useful for successful result of you’re permanent make up procedure.

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