Eyelash Extension Cleanser for Professional Use

So many times your clients comes to you for their appointment with oily lashes or mascara residue so you have to give that 10 minutes extra for the cleansing process before you can apply primer. This is an everyday occurrence at a beauty salon, but there is a way by which you can help your client by recommending them cleanser.

Cleansers made for eyelash extensions are usually suitable for all skin types, which can be also used in on daily purpose. These lashes cleansers are made especially from safety point of view for the users.

Oil is the enemy of lash extension. It causes the adhesive to soften and clump up.

Cleaning oils and bacteria off of the lashes prior eyelash extensions and more important after the procedure can help them to last weeks longer, keep lashes softer, minimize itching, and thus bring more comfortable feeling of wearing eyelash extensions. ECL09
Premium Eyelash Cleanser (Phytoncide scent)
Start your lash extensions with fresh Phytoncide scent.
Perfectly removes dirt, oil and protein on lashes before extensions procedure. Doesn't irritate sensitive eyes. Helps glue dry quickly. Make Lash Extensions last longer.
Attach eye patch under the lower eye, put 1-2 drops of cleanser on cotton swab or pad. Gently clean the lashes from root to end. ( use Primer on this stage if need) Start eyelash extensions after getting it dried.

Contains Phytoncide-antimicrobial organic compound derived from plants.

One spray bottle contains 40 ml of cleansing fluid.

Price: 23.00 CAD ECL06
Neicha Eye Make Up Remover
Eye Make Up Remover is for removing makeup and cleaning lashes before eyelash extension procedure.
It's easy to use and sanitary which includes fresh scent.
Full nutritional 9 extracts are contained.
Helps eyelash extensions adhesion.

Comes with a tweezers for picking up pads.


Price: 13.00 CAD ECL02
Premium Lashes Cleanser
Very high quality.
The scouring agent removes oily stubborn grease from natural eyelashes. If you use scouring agent bonding life of lashes will be continued twice longer.


Price: 13.00 CAD ECL07
Premium Vitamin C Lashes Cleanser
Very high quality. It is developed on the latest technologies of professional cosmetology.
The scouring agent removes oily stubborn grease from natural eyelashes. If you use scouring agent bonding life of lashes will be continued twice longer.

Conteins Vitamin C


Price: 13.00 CAD ECL04
Primer- Longer Extension Coating
Primer will help to remove the protein from the natural lashes before the eyelash extension that will make adhesive will bond faster.

Additional function of the Primer is to help to speed up drying time. Just dip the fake lash into Primer and then dip
it into the glue before applying the eyelash, then you can get more fast drying time. This works especially well with the weak glues which have long drying time.


Price: 14.00 CAD ECL04
Cleaning solution
Odor free, unscented Cleaning solution removes very effectively protein and rests of makeup from the natural eyelashes before eyelash extension procedure.
Apply direct on lashes and swipe with a cotton swab.


Price: 800.00 CAD ECL05
Cleaning solution 60ml
Cleaning solution for eyelashes and eyelids prior eyelash extension procedure.
Spray on cotton swab and clean eyelashes and eyelid area.


Price: 16.00 CAD