High quality qlue for eyelash extension’s strong bonding

Eyelash extensions glue plays a major role for the excellent performance on eyelash extension application. The fast and better drying glue for your eyelash extension is better for your profitable business. We at Ashta India offers quality glue for lashes that helps create perfect bond between eyelash extension and natural lash.

We understand the importance of getting the perfect eyelash extension glue for successful procedures. So, keeping this unto consideration we source and supply quality and safe products from renowned manufacturers in the industry.

Most of glues have a lifespan of minimum 6-12 months. To increase its storage life, you can keep it in the cool place. Otherwise you can also kee it in a tightly packed box in a dry place. EG08
Glue Odor Neutralizer
Don't economy on your health! Put maximum
efforts to reduce the risk of allergy reaction with Glue
Odor Neutralizer!
Glue Odor Neutralizer absorbs harmful substances like formaldehyde and other VOCs. Protect lash technician and customer from glue allergies by neutralizing harmful chemicals in the air. Specially designed for people who have sensitive eyes. Included phytoncide sterilizes bacteria on the eyelash extension applicators.
Patented with No.Europe # 0 401 140B1
How to use:
- During procedure: Sprinkle 2-3 times on the cotton pad and put near the dropped glue before the procedure.
- For sterilization: Sprinkle the suitable amount on the applicators and clean it.
40 pcs Excellent Absorbent cotton included.


Price: 15.00 CAD EG07
Magic Pack for Glue
Store your Glue in the Magic Pack.
The Magic Pack prevents the deterioration when the glues are exposed to air, so it makes the glue shelf-life longer. It also keeps the viscosity and the bonding power better for application. It is highly recommended to use the Magic Pack if you would like to get the best result.

After using the glues, remove the residue on the nozzle completely and put them into the Magic Pack with the desiccant.

Make sure to remove the air from the Magic Pack after you put the glue inside. Keep it in dry and cool place.


Price: 6.00 CAD EG09
Black Eyelash Extension Glue
ULTRA Eyelash Extension Glue

Glue for all types of eyelash extensions.
Ultra glue has perfect viscosity, low fumes relatively, super-fast dry speed. Remains elastic and lasts till 7 weeks.

Volume 5g, 10g
Drying time 2 sec
Retention 6-7 weeks
Viscosity Low
Fume Moderate/Low
Color Black
Skills For Professionals

Free from allergens and carcinogens.
Magic pack included

Option Price/pcs Qty.
  1 pcs  
10ml 40.00
5ml 25.00 EG02
Clear Eyelash Extension / Eyebrow Glue
Clear type glue for eyebrow and eyelash extensions. It has suitable viscosity, flexible to apply extensions. Great bonding power and relatively low irritation. Good for professionals.

Volume 5g
Drying time 2 sec
Retention 6-7 weeks
Viscosity Low
Fume Moderate/Low
Color Clear

Price: 24.00 CAD