5D Lashes/ 7D Lashes

5D- 10D-lashes will give your customers a beautiful Eyelash Volume. The popularity of 5D-10D-lashes has risen and is becoming a favorite among many. These eyelashes are soft and give a beautiful bent and result of more open eyes.

5D-10D lashes are also commonly used for Volume Eyelash Extension technology using synthetic lashes (SE) with a thickness of 0.03 ~ 0.15 mm. On the natural eyelash you put 5 ~ 10 synthetic eyelashes. Which allows you to create the incredible volume with no additional strain on the natural eyelash. With this technology, people with thin eyelashes can enjoy such a luxury!

If you set 2 SE to 1 natural, it is called 2D, 3 lahes -3D and so on. The more SE on a natural eyelash, the more beautiful and fuzzy look you get.

So check out our collection of 5D and 7D Lashes! These come from reputable manufacturers and will surely meet your expectations to create a glamorous look for your customers!

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