Make-up, dust and oil are harmful to your eyelash extension. With detergent you can safely keep it longer and healthier. At Ashta we have various cleansers ranging from Premium Strawberry scented or with Phytoncides scent, Neicha eye makeup remover and Vitamin C Cleanser. We also have an agent that eliminates glue odor during the procedure. These products have been specially designed to clean the area around the eyes before eyelash extension and even after that, while wearing the extension without damaging or affecting adhesive bonding.

The cleaning solutions we offer here, at our online store, help to effectively eliminate all kind of dirt and makeup from the natural eyelashes before the eyelash extension procedure. Easy to use, safe and hygienic, the cleaning contributes to a long-lasting eyelash extension. Apply directly to lashes and dry with cotton or similar.

Purchased from leading manufacturers that meet industry standards, we guarantee safety for you or your customers. We also offer products such as Primer-Longer Extension Coating that help remove the protein from the natural lashes, and make the glue dry faster and increase the bond strength.

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