Eyebrow Extension

Many women or men suffer from damaged eyebrows or eyebrow loss due to over picking over the years, scars, medical conditions such as hypothyroidism, alopecia, or trichotillomania, treatments such as chemotherapy, hormone imbalance, mineral deficiency, menopause and aging. Women who have sparse eyebrows, for some reason, have used many cosmetic products over the years to fill their eyebrows, whether pen or tattoo. There were no alternatives available to get realistic texture, contour, to fill the eyebrows … until now! This new technology is changing women’s lives! The process involves carefully gluing individual synthetic hairs onto existing fine hairs or directly onto the skin to fill gaps, add volume and extend the brow’s line. It is therefore also ideal for people without eyebrows at all. Brow Extensions are waterproof, sweat safe and secure for sensitive skin. Lasts about 2 weeks with proper care! They are perfect for any special occasion, vacation or for long-term use through refills. Currently we have 3 color shades of brown extension in natural curved on a tray with different brow length.

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