Eyelash permanent

We at Ashta offer eyelash permanent products for people who long for the extra bent for their natural lashes. For those who have natural long thick but straight lashes, it can be a solution to get eyelashes permanent. Even for those who have short lashes, they can lift them permanently, so that they are visible much longer, without preferring eyelash extensions.

We offer Eyelash permanent kit containing permanent liquid, fixation, finishing, cleaning and 8 pairs of eyelash rolls together with an instruction manual. We also sell these products separately and many other items for eyelash permanent procedure.

Unlike the frequent use of a metal eyelash binder, which breaks its own lashes, the eyelash permanent provides long-lasting curvature and does not damage the natural lashes. Eyelash permanently lasts as long as the life of your own lash, which is about 6 to 8 weeks.

Take a look at our website if you are looking for permanent eyelash products. Our kit contains everything you need to achieve outstanding results.

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