Machines (Special needles)

Permanent make up machines with special needles are specially designed for experienced professionals but can also be used by beginners. These machines provide the ultimate strength, precision and stability that professionals would require for their work. By offering outstanding performance, these machines provide excellent and quality application for eyebrows, eyeliner, lips and even small patterns of body tattoos. With pre-sterilized disposable parts and accessories, these machines guarantee a hygienic environment and safe use that eliminates the possibility of cross contamination. The machine’s speed adjustment can provide output frequency according to the user’s preference. Foot pedal can be used for hands-free / on control.

Powerful and efficient, these machines drive the needles in the skin without problems and with optimal precision. This ensures minimal skin trauma and minimal discomfort for you. So, take a look at these machines to know more about their features and maybe buy one that you think would fit your requirements.

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