Power Supply & Foot Pedal

Ashta offers a range of power supply units and foot pedals for professional use in salons for various PMU procedures. These machines significantly help to improve the performance of the PMU machine and help you achieve the desired results. Perfect for both beginners and professionals, it makes it the best choice for your PMU equipment.

The digital power supply enables easy set-up for shading and liner work. Some of our digital power supply variants come with a quick automatic needle speed adjustment according to user requirements. We also offer Intelligent Permanent MakeUp Units that control the frequency from 50 to 160 beats per second. These devices are equipped with a touch screen front panel without controls or sliding parts. They can be pre-programmed for eyebrows, eyes, lips and other medical micropigmentation. These units have outputs for two machines, power cord and foot pedal.

We also offer foot pedals that facilitate the whole process. Without using a switch, you can control the machine and save your time while keeping both hands free for the procedure.

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