What You Need To Know Before Getting Eyelash Extensions

Do you want longer, fuller and defined lashes? Do you want to boost up your makeup routine early in the morning without makeup? Or are you attending an event or getting married? All of these are the reasons for a growing popularity of false lashes over some past years. Before getting eyelash extensions, it is good to know what it really means. So we have collected some essential information on eyelash extension before getting it!

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are fibers glued on your lashes to make your natural lashes look longer and fuller.

The Cost

Undoubtedly, good quality eyelash extensions don’t come cheap. In the market, you will find the variety of lash extensions which cost somewhere between $100-$400. It depends on technician experience, skills and popularity.

The Lash Shape and selection

Most of the people have no idea that they can get eyelash extension according to there preference. The most common and popular eyelash extensions are in B curl and in C curl. B curl gives your eyes natural look and C gives more dramatic look to your eyes. You can choose between a real mink, faux mink, real human hair, and silk. Normally customers prefer synthetic mink or silk lashes as if you choose eyelash extensions made of human hair they can lose there curl shape, what never happen to the synthetic lashes.

The process

The number of lashes decides the amount of time used on its application.
But the process of applying for eyelash extension on your own eyelashes usually takes 2 hours and for this time you have to keep your eyes closed. You are not allowed to open your eye in between the process. The procedure doesn’t hurt but if the technician is not skilled enough, she or he can mistakenly apply glued lash too close to the lash roots and thus glue will irritate very delicate eyelid skin.

Care and maintenance

After you get your lashes embedded, you shouldn’t wash your eyes with water for 24 hours to secure the bond. You might need to adjust your skin care routine, as from now you have to avoid anything too oily. If you’re using eye cream, apply it in the morning instead of at night so it doesn’t move into your lashes. Select oil free makes up removers. Check with your daily makeup. Water based mascara, if you are really cannot live without it. But it is best avoiding mascara completely! Avoid loose powder or glittery eyeshadows. If you are liner lover -select gel and liquid formulas that won’t tug at your roots.
Comb your lashes daily! Ask your the technician to demonstrate you how to do this in the proper way!
If you feel any type of reaction from lash extension glue feels free to talk about it with your the technician.
Never pluck your lashes! If you want to remove, do it with the pro!

Who can wear lash extensions?

eyelash extension

If your lashes over three millimeters long then you can use extensions.

What length should extensions be?

We all wish to have long, very long, very-very long lashes. But one size does not fit all!! Applying lashes that are too long or too heavy can cause permanent damage and prevent the lash follicles from producing healthy growing lashes. The client with 10mm natural lashes and a client with 5mm natural lashes, cannot both be using 14mm extensions! The skilled technician will follow the so-called 3mm rule, which means you should never place an extension that is longer then 3mm of the natural lash.

Some potential risks from eyelash extensions

Getting Eyelash Extensions4

Just like any beauty treatment, there are certain complications from getting false lashes. So below mentioned are the common complications you may face after getting eyelash extension done.


A hypersensitivity to the tape or glue used during eyelash extensions procedure.

Damage of your own lashes

Sometimes in removing your false lashes, some people break there own lashes too. Thus it is always recommended for the removal procedure always go to a professional technician.

Microbial complications

Poor lash cleaning service or dirty salon conditions might cause inflammation or red eye around your lid margin, which leads to light sensitivity, pain, blurred vision, and some other unwanted signs.

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